The central government has downgraded at least 20 provincial cadres from the three-year-old part of the three-eighth largest 18 major.

The central government has downgraded at least 20 provincial cadres from the three-year-old part of the three-eighth largest 18 major.

China Communist Party News Network Beijing February 10 (Reporter Li Yuan) Since the 18th National Congress of the party Ji Ji has opened a new model – "four forms", making the party’s mental discipline, tissue adjustment becomes most, heavy, and major position adjustments become a few. The "four forms" were the first in September 2015, the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Wang Qishan, who was held in Fujian, refers to the party’s internal relations to normalize, criticism and self-criticism should be carried out frequently, let the bite Ear sleeves, red face sweating to become a normal (first); party discipline and organizational handling should be most (second); the seriousness of serious discipline should be a minority (third) The serious violation of discipline is suspected of impunity to review the case review (fourth).

So, the "downgrade" is actually corresponding to the "downgrade" of serious violations. Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the first provincial-level cadres who have been degraded is paid to Xiaoguang.

In December 2013, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a typical issue that violated the central eight provisions of the Central Committee. Among them, the deputy provincial cadres of Heilongjiang Province Fu Xiaoguang had a lot of money due to private funds, and caused a lot of drinks and creating a person. Severe consequences, by the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and report to the central approved, give the Dai Xiaoguang to see a year, according to the procedure, according to the procedure, the head of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government Yab Social Leading Group, executive deputy director, by deputy province State.

Since then, in July 2014, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is issued: Zhang Tianxin, former Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, and the original secretary of the Kunming Committee, and the Secretary-General Zhao Zhiyong Zhao Zhiyong was exempted from the serious disciplinary, eliminated party, canceled Deputy provincial-level treatment, descended to deputy-level non-leadership and members.

From the deputy provincial level to the author, Zhao Zhiyong was dried down 7. At this point, all leading cadres who have been severely violated and discipline are called "cliff" downgrade by the media. In January 2016, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, issued a news, and 10 of the Chinese and Management cadres such as Xu Aimin, Yan Shiran, Han Zhiran, and Sun Qingyun were given a part-discipline and made major job adjustments.

In this regard, the "People’s Daily" article said that 10 intercourse cadres received by the party discipline were announced, and the party’s 18th National Congress was still ahead.

The big strength is high, highlighting the firmness of the Party Central Committee from the strict control of the party, and is also the specific embodiment of the discipline committee to supervise the "four forms".

5 days later, on February 4, 2016, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection once again reported from the deputy secretary of the former provincial party committee of Sichuan Province, and the governor Wei Hong has been revoked in the party’s position, the administrative dismantle, the same day, the Standing Committee of Hubei Province Minister of Minister Hejia Termine was revoked in the party within the party, and administrative dismissed disposal was severely violated. According to statistics, Yin Haililin, who recently downgraded the original party group secretary, Minister Li Liguo and Tianjin former deputy mayor Yin Haililin. As of now, at least 20 provincial cadres have been degraded due to serious violations (detailed list) See the table after the text. These declined provincial level cadres involve the party and government, the CPPCC, state-owned enterprises and other fields. Among them, Zhao Zhiyong, Liu Lizu and Rydrong were the most important, from the deputy provincial level, seven-level to the sectors, retired Zhang Lifu was determined in accordance with the deputy level. Zhang Tianxin, Xu Aimin, Sun Qingyun, Zhang Yun, Zhu Fushou, Cao Jianfang, Fan Jian, Yin Haililin was reduced to the department-level non-leadership, and the rest were also reduced to the office level.

Then, what is the consideration factor for the above-mentioned violations of disciplinary officials? In notice 10 Chinese cadres, the Central Discipline Committee was mentioned: "For the specific circumstances of the examiners, consider the nature and plots of violations, the consequences and influences, and adversely recognized the organization, and return to the organization. Violation of discipline, etc. "For example, several provincial minor officials with the largest degradation of the seven-level, the seven-level Zhao Zhiyong" use the convenience of the position to seek private interests ", Lai De Rong" seriously violates integrity discipline, accepts gifts, many times to overseas "" "" "" Schedule: Since the 18th National Congress, the provincial level cadres have been degraded.