Report: In the past 10 years, China has average a startup every 7 seconds.

Report: In the past 10 years, China has average a startup every 7 seconds.

Original title: Report: In the past 10 years, averaged average attending company in recent years in recent years, China has made a multi-earth vitality. On the 2nd, the agency of the sky-eye examination is issued "Youth Entrepreneurship City Vitality Report (2021)". According to the report, in 2011-2020, China added more than 44 million entrepreneurship companies, that is, 1 entrepreneurial company was established every 7 seconds.

Among them, in 2014, China’s new registration increased year-on-year growth rate in 2014, the year-on-year growth rate of 10 years.

In 2020, the new crown epidemic has caused a certain degree of impact on the economic situation. However, the report pointed out that the new registration of China’s entrepreneurial company "grows against the trend", which has increased more than 7.1 million home business.

At the same time, accompanied by the rapid growth of entrepreneurial registrations, 2011-2020, China added nearly 30,000 entrepreneurial service agencies.

Which cities are most popular in entrepreneurs? The report is an assessment of youth entrepreneurial vitality of 100 cities, and constructs youth entrepreneurial urban vitality index from the five perspectives of government support, economic environment, resource endowment, entrepreneurship, and technological innovation.

The results show that in the city of young entrepreneurs, Beijing is the first place in the country’s entrepreneurial faucet; the second place in Chengdu, the cultural creativity is attractive; Hangzhou is the "digital economy first" ", Ranking third in the country; Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Changsha, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xiamen are also highly concerned by entrepreneurs. From the industry expectations of youth, the report pointed out that the hard technology tracks such as artificial intelligence and big data were widely selected, the top two,% and% respectively.

Cultural creativity is subject to the factors such as national tide consumption, and network red economy. Entrepreneurship is not a tank. In the enterprise bottleneck in the youth, "I don’t know how to finance" is the first problem in front of entrepreneurs.

According to the report,% of the respondents believe that it is the most important bottleneck; the lack of people’s resources are ranked second in%.

Ge Jianxin, Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics, said in an interpretation of the report, the humanity is the most important entrepreneurial resources, and youth entrepreneurs should be good at using the "strong relationship" in their lives. (无 无) (Editor: Mu Jingyu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.