The first old community renovation loan in Heilongjiang Province is landed in Zhaodong City

The first old community renovation loan in Heilongjiang Province is landed in Zhaodong City

People’s Network Harbin November 16th (Han Tu) Recently, the Rural Development of Zhaodong Branch successfully puts the old community renovation loan million, used in the construction of the Fumin Community Reconstruction and Supporting Infrastructure. The release of this loan, marks the successful landing of policy finance to support urban old low-cost funds to support the urban old community renovation project, which is the first old community in the province’s agricultural distribution system transformation loans. Strengthening the renovation and construction of urban old communities, and is related to the safety of life and property of the people, and is related to meeting the beautiful life needs of the people. It is a vivid practice of the implementation of "I do practical things for the masses". After knowing the financing requirements of the old community renovation project in the old community of the old community in Zhaodong City, the Zhaodong City Branch quickly reported to the agricultural branch of the Heilongjiang Provincial Branch and formed the three-level line of provinces, municipalities and counties, and took the initiative to dock the Zhaodong Municipal Government. High-end marketing, the proposal leader fully exerts the spirit of "embroidered needle", introduces the benefits of farm issues in place, actively expresses the willingness, and has received the full affirmation and recognition of the Zhaodong Municipal Government and the competent authorities.

After in-depth discussion with the local government and related departments, combined with the experience of the previous self-operative project operation, the behavior of its financing program, creatively proposed "Intermediate Balance Mode", and promoting local government to integrate the fixed assets of income. All expenditures are covered by the project repayment period, which is to fix the retained source of returns from the old community renovation project loans to achieve the balance of payments in the entire project. This exploring the effective discharge project, overcoming the financing challenge of the old community renovation project.

In order to accelerate the promotion of the old urban renovation project landing, the opening office will take the initiative to implement the benefits of Huimin policy, protect Betmaphi, and strive for the project loan to the low interest rate policy, maximize the benefits, let the people. Under the guidance of province, the guidance of the province, the cooperation of all parties, the account opening is only for a month to make the project successfully approved. It is reported that the renovation project of the old community of Fuwin Community in Zhaodong City covers the flat change slope, the wall insulation square meter, the heating household line, the hardening road, etc. Cable transformation, natural gas pipe network transformation 32387 meters.

Next, the farmers of the agricultural issue will accelerate the construction of the urban old community renovation facilities, give full play to the leading role of policy financial fund leverage, and shake more social funds to participate in local construction, earnestly improve the sense of security, get Sense, happiness.

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