Russian newspaper: Lithuania will provoke China’s mice

Russian newspaper: Lithuania will provoke China’s mice

On December 8th, the Russian "Viewpoint" article issued on December 5th, "Lithuania has become a Chinese experimental mouse", the author is Wailajing Jukov.

The full text is as follows: Lithuanian politicians have made different reactions when deleting Lithuania from their own digital registry.

Some people are strong and calm.

For example, Lithuania Finance Minister Jin Tari Skest said that the country will not be subject to any particularly serious losses. But don’t forget that Vilnius has developed a major plan for China several years ago, and hopes to have done from the current benefits in China. The Lithuanian economist Alexander, Izgo, said that China is the seventh major trading partner of Lithuania.

He said: Lithuania is interested in China’s import and export.

The total trade is approximately 1.5 billion euros. China has sold products worth 1.2 billion euros, Lithuania exports 300 million Euro commodities & hellip; & hellip; but from a third country such as Germany or Poland to buy the same goods to pay more.

Economists Marry Dubinic Gas said that if they are not working with China, they will promote 5G and other technological innovations, and they need to spend more money for the existing Chinese high-tech system in Lithuania.

Some people can’t cover their depression.

President Gittanas Najaisada regrets China Customs. The Economic Minister Oslin Almonnet recommends looking for the European Union.

Foreign Minister Gabrius Landz Belgis said that Vilnius hopes other EU countries to extend a helping hand.